Hollywood Autopsy

I bought a Fender Mustang guitar in the Fall of 1982 from a guy named Johnie [see addendum below] who was in a band called Hollywood Autopsy. I still have the for sale poster that was hung around the Madison campus. I also have a flyer advertising the band warming up for Gun Club at Merlyn's, located at 311 State St. in Madison, WI. It was an intense show.

Peeking around on a BBS over at The Isthmus I ran across a thread entitled Merlyn's Memories and was inspired to post this personal memorabilia.

Some day I will learn how to play the guitar.

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Poster advertising a Fender Mustang guitar for sale   Hollywood Autopsy Poster: Warming up for Gun Club: November 30th, 1982. Merlyn's Madison, Wisconsin Johnie (John Shimon) from the band Hollywood Autopsy: November 1982   Julia (Julie Lindeman) from the band Hollywood Autopsy: November 1982

If you look closely at the poster, you can see that the $2 cover charge was changed, by hand, to a whopping $3.

I love the tag lines: "It's our own stupidity that allows naive integrity."
and: "A music group doesn't have to meet the whims of a frustrated world."

A Little poking around has yielded these relevant links

Link to images of the Gun Club show mentioned above at Merlyn's November 30, 1982 by Hank Grebe.

Self-Portrait with Hollywood Autopsy - in their own words.

John Shimon and Julie Lindemann, Assistant Professors of Art, Lawrence

J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, Photographers - portfolio site.

Link to a video of Hollywood Autopsy from 1983.

Hollywood Autopsy video for "lost, finding, gone" found on youtube:

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